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I research, write, and speak on healthcare, with a focus on issues involving markets, choice, and innovation.

Early in my career I was a healthcare research specialist for a large consulting firm, working on client projects and writing white papers on technology and legislation. I also wrote articles that appeared in such publications as Baseline Magazine, hfm Magazine, KevinMD, ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals, and did media interviews for such outlets as Healthcare Informatics, Health Data Management, FierceHealthIT, Becker's Hospital Review, and elsewhere.

In recent years I've become involved in academia through various forms of research, teaching, and advising. Currently I serve on the capstone faculty in the graduate program in public health at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI). I have also served as a teaching assistant for numerous graduate courses at TDI and the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth on health policy, inferential methods, and healthcare management.

Additionally, I enjoy collaborating with organizations and individuals with whom I have shared values and interests. I believe strongly that the best way to bring about a world in which everyone can thrive is to cultivate a free society with free markets, and that advocates of this perspective have an enormous amount of work to do to develop and communicate these ideas clearly and effectively.

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Research Reports

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Academic Publications

Braga M., Tyler M., Rhoads J., Cacchio M., Auerbach M., Nishisaki A., Larson R., "The effect of just-in-time simulation training on provider performance and patient outcomes for clinical procedures: a systematic review" BMJ STEL, October 2015

Short Pieces

"Calvin Coolidge's Speech to American Doctors: Praising Medicine and Venerating Reason" Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. May 17, 2017

"Insurance Not Accepted: The Direct Primary Care Model" Benjamin Rush Institute. November 11, 2014

"The Medical Context of Calvin Jr.'s Untimely Death" Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation Blog. July 7, 2014

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Books About Healthcare: Brief Book Reviews and Recommendations from a Secular, Pro-Market Perspective by Jared Rhoads, May 2014 [45 pages]

Health Policy Matters: Brief Commentaries on Issues in U.S. Healthcare, 2005-2012 by Jared Rhoads, December 2012 [79 pages]

Book Reviews

Review of the book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, by J. Goodman (The Objective Standard) Summer 2013

Review of the book Why ObamaCare is Wrong for America, by Turner, et al. (The Objective Standard) Summer 2011